Workshops with United Solo Artists
a world-class theatrical experience
Along with a variety of shows, United Solo Europe invites you to participate in theatre workshops with renowned solo performers. Workshops are open to anyone who is interested in learning acting techniques from experts of the solo form. In the workshops, participants will have the opportunity to master their self-awareness, confidence, creativity, and other skills that are essential in social situations, business interactions, public appearances, and theatre presentations. All ages invited. Limited space available. Location: Teatr Syrena, Warsaw, Poland.
Artist Language Date Time
Anthony Nikolchev English Sept. 13, 2013 12pm-3pm
Bill Bowers English Sept. 14, 2013 10am-1pm
Ewa Kasprzyk Polish Sept. 14, 2013 2pm-5pm
Mark Gindick English Sept. 15, 2013 12pm-3pm