Workshops with United Solo Artists
a world-class theatrical experience
Along with a variety of shows, United Solo Europe invites you to participate in theatre workshops with renowned solo performers. Workshops are open to anyone who is interested in learning acting techniques from experts of the solo form. In the workshops, participants will have the opportunity to master their self-awareness, confidence, creativity, and other skills that are essential in social situations, business interactions, public appearances, and theatre presentations. All ages invited. Limited space available. Location: Teatr Syrena, Warsaw, Poland.
Artist Language Date Time
Claire Porter English June 27, 2016 11:00 am
Sarah Elizabeth Greer English June 28, 2016 11:00 am
Clyde Engle English June 29, 2016 11:00 am
Suzanna Geraghty English July 1, 2016 11:00 am
Alfredo Tauste & Rafael Abolafia English July 2, 2016 11:00 am


Claire Porter:
Text & Movement
June 27
In this workshop we will explore ways of incorporating movement with text. Everyday we move while speaking but rarely do we examine and amplify how we move. This workshop will begin with one movement idea/action, and then through writing and playing, we will tease out many possible variations for both movement and language. Then we will put it all back together, edit, and then perform what we have created for each other. For all ages and abilities.


Sarah Elizabeth Greer:
“WRITE” YOUR LIFE: The Power of Turning Trauma into Art
June 28
Participants will learn about transforming one’s own experience into a stage play. We will begin by reading samples from actual dramatic texts, to analyze how playwrights tell stories from their own lives. Part of the workshop will focus on how to overcome the stage fright while telling your own stories publicly, and about theatre’s therapeutic aspect.


Clyde Engle:
How to Succeed in Musical Theatre without Really Trying
June 29
This workshop will focus on the art of Musical Theatre and focus on the performance of some of Music Theatre’s most beloved stories, pieces, and songs. Introductions to Sondheim, Rogers & Hammerstein, and contemporary musical theatre. Students encouraged to be singers and to bring sheet music from music theatre. Plus, for those interested students, the workshop will have a section on “Musical Theatre Auditioning for New York and London.” Workshop will be part introduction to the art form, part practice, and part audition. Inclusive for all.


Suzanna Geraghty:
Creating Comedy
July 1
How fast is the speed of fun? It’s fast and comes from our raw, pure, uncensored impulse. It is the energy of the comic world. What makes a character funny? What makes a situation funny? Through the use of improvisation and clown techniques, students will be encouraged to step into the comic world and discover their own unique comic rhythm, imagination and potential. In groups they’ll create comic characters and invent short scenes.


Alfredo Tauste & Rafael Abolafia:
Movement and Objects
July 2
The goal of this workshop is to motivate the students to create a personal dramaturgy throughout the movement in relationship with the body and the space. The objects in the space will bring a story that embodies life and memories. We will analyze how the objects impact scenic choices and deliberate on choosing props and set pieces for a solo show. By means of creative and dynamic exercises, we will develop with the performers the enactment of an intimate drama. NOTE: participants should bring three objects to play with during the workshop (no personal or valuable items, please).